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The OKC Sweets Story

As a stay-at-home mom, I spent a good bit of time whipping up treats for friends and family. It was fun... just a hobby. I certainly had no intention of making a business out of it.

But then the Oklahoma Legislature (of all things!) made a decision that changed the course of my life: They passed a law allowing local bakers to sell prepared foods out of our homes.

And the orders starting pouring in.

Soon my kids were entering school full-time, and the demand for my bakes was higher than my little kitchen could handle. So in 2020 my husband and I sold our home so we could afford to buy a storefront in Oklahoma City.

And it's been the adventure of a lifetime.

I've found joy and love in baking and in sharing sweet treats with others. I'd be so happy to share some goodies with you—or teach you how to make your own.
Stefanie Embree - Founder of OKC Sweets

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I want you to love baking as much as I do.

But listen, I know baking can be really, really frustrating.

You see gorgeous bakes on TV and online and you think, "How hard can it be?" And then it's three hours later, your kitchen's a sticky mess, your toddler (or spouse) is wailing, and you have a "dessert" that requires explanation: "I promise it tastes better than it looks."

Well, there will be no more of that, friend!

I'm here to teach you how to make goodies you're proud to share—every single time.

Check out our latest batches.